Our team is experienced in organising a mix of different events understanding the objective of the client. Organising corporate events can be an effective marketing tool to give assurance of quality and brand recognition to the customers in the digital era. We focus to initiate personal and intimate relationship between your clients and your brand through these events.

Seminars & Conferences

Our specialized team of experts organises Seminars and Conferences for the targeted audiences of the client. Single or multiple experts can be arranged as the speakers and will provide the relevant information depending on the client/ brand requirements. Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting a couple hours, ½ day to one whole workday.

Conferences typically have multiple sessions that occur concurrently that are geared toward different interests, different positions or roles, and even skill level.

Team Building Events

Activity oriented events can be arranged to help the client for building employees’ confidence, goodwill and morale.

Through these events, employees get an opportunity to spend time with teammates and seniors (employees and management) in a non work/ informal environment so as to build stronger team. These activities can be organised as indoor or outdoor as per client specifications.

Product Launch Events

Product launch events are most common for business to consumer (B2C) companies, including start ups. We can conduct these events internally i.e. within the organisation or externally for targeted/ potential customer. We are experienced in handling and managing different media depending on the type of product or services/ concept.

The launch event may include a flashy introduction to the product/ concept along with an address from the company’s management executives. Large product launches can also be arranged in an informal environment with celebrity guests, dinner, and entertainment depending on the industry or clientele.

Business Meeting/ Networking

With these networking events we aim at building relationship between its employees, business partners, clients and/or prospective clients.

The key area at these events is to arrange a conversation coordinator who can make everyone comfortable and aim at productive networking and we can find the perfect people for the job.

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